Light up Autumn and elevate your wellbeing

As the year rolls on, our daylight hours are replaced with darkness and artificial light.

light up autumn - elevate your wellbeing

As the year rolls on, our daylight hours are replaced with darkness and artificial light. Even if you don’t suffer from SAD, this is not good for our mental and physical wellbeing, But you can mitigate this loss of light. Have a look at these gadgets we’ve found to lighten up your darker Autumn! You’ll see an array of lighting solutions, from brightening your day with SAD lamps to enhancing your evening reading with head torches. Explore these versatile tech options to enrich the season ahead and elevate your wellbeing.

Glow-in-the-dark collar. Elevate your wellbeing.

Six tips to elevate your wellbeing

  1. Awaken to the gentle embrace of morning light for a brighter start to your day. A good selection of SAD lamps and sunrise alarm clocks is available at John Lewis.
  2. First, brighten your afternoons with a SAD light designed for daytime use. The Independent selects its 10 best SAD lamps to banish the winter blues.
  3. Navigate your home safely, even in the dark, with motion sensor plug-in lights. Discover the 10 Best Motion Sensor Lights Plug In in the UK.
  4. Shield your eyes from blue rays that reduce your natural  melatonin and could affect your quality of sleep. Otherwise, switch your light bulbs in the rooms you use before bed with blue light-blocking bulbs. Check The Evening Standard’s guide to the best eyewear for blocking blue light.
  5. Use the latest head torches to brighten your evening walks, or use them at home to enjoy clear late-night reading.  Amazon.
  6. And last but not least, consider a dog collar that ensures you can always see your beloved companion in the park at dusk. Explore it further at Country Living.

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