About autum

autum revolutionises how the UK’s older generation retains its vitality. Our tools measure and reduce biological age, with a mission to make Britain one million biological years younger.

We deliver a plan to motivate, measure and guide people to age well

Our Vision

To make Britain one million biological years younger


Our Mission

To extend healthy life with personalised motivation, support and education


Our Values

Educate, community, empower, trust

Our Solution

Join the healthy ageing revolution. With established relationships with many of the nation’s most-respected longevity research centres, autum will guide its members to live their best lives with expert tips and progressive scientific thinking.

  • Unique biological age calculator for personalised intervention plans
  • Motivational content, education and curated marketplace
  • Reward system and support for a holistic health journey

Why We’re Doing This

The autum team have dedicated their working lives to enhancing the wellbeing of older people. We know that retirement and the years that follow provide the opportunity to recalibrate our lives, to find new purpose, reconnect with hobbies and friends. We believe that with the right tools, ideas and guidance, this is an opportunity to slow down and even reverse our biological age. We want to help people 55+ live their best lives and be an inspiration to the next generation.

Collaborating with universities, companies, employers, communities and local authorities, we aim to make accessing our tools and content as easy as possible and to further develop their effectiveness. Together we can provide everyone 55+ with a personalised programme and the tools and guidance to motivate and support them to live longer, healthier and happier.

The Future

If you share our vision of positive ageing and a healthier more fulfilling future for the UK, we’d love to hear from you. 

Join us in creating a thriving community of empowered, healthier older people.

Together, let’s make Britain one million biological years younger.

Our people

Find out about the team whose vision  is the driving force behind the autum project.

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