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Incentivising regular exercise

Our app allows you to set your own pace and goals, we’ll help you plan targets that suit your fitness levels and health conditions. It inspires them to engage in activities suitable to their needs.

Daily challenges 

We’ll encourage a healthy dose of competition with daily challenges. You get the halo feeling and sense of achievement and at the same time maintain your activity levels and pathway to your fitness goals.

Wellness tracker

autum© app can serve as your personal wellness tracker, monitoring not only physical activity but also your eating habits, sleep patterns and mental well-being. autum© LifeScore will keep tabs on your wellness goals and can help you reduce your biological age.

Rewards system

You set the pace of wellness goals and our rewards system recognises and celebrates the milestones you achieve. Small incentives, badges, or virtual rewards can significantly boost your motivation to stay active and healthy.

Workouts for all abilities

The app updates daily and brings you a variety of venues and activities near you that accommodate different fitness levels and abilities. If that isn’t for you, why not try one of our walking routes and get out in the fresh air. It’s amazing what regular outdoor activity (doesn’t have to be strenuous) can do for your mental wellbeing.

Personalised progress reports

We know how hard it is to persist when things don’t feel easy, that’s why we send regular, personalised progress reports so you can remind yourself of your achievements and improvements and push on with a renewed sense of pride. So chin up and continue your journey towards a healthier and more active life.

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