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The United Kingdom is full of beautiful places to explore- from dramatic coastlines to picture postcard villages. What's more you don’t need a passport to exp

Scotney Castle

As much we crave the allure of foreign travel, the Great British Staycation has so much more to offer. With a wealth of different cultures, landscapes, and tourist attractions to enjoy all over the UK, it really just boils down to what interests you! Whether you’re looking for the best that Britain has to offer or looking to delve into the rich histories of our neighbouring nations, here is a quick guide to holidaying at home across the UK.

Snowdonia - Great British Staycation
The rugged beauty of the Snowdonia National Park.

The beauty of Britain – escaping into nature

Just a half hour’s drive from Aberystwyth in the South and Bangor in the North, Snowdonia National Park is – like much of Wales’s natural landscape – absolutely stunning. Yr Wyddfa – Mount Snowdon in the English translation – is the major selling point here; its trails have been trodden by many a daring hiker, and reward those who follow them with grand views and vistas. For those among us who may not be up to scaling the mountain itself, the surrounding coastline and woodlands make for great alternatives. The Welsh west coast, Bae Ceredigion, is home to porpoises, dolphins, and puffins among a whole host of incredible wildlife and would be an ideal destination for nature lovers the whole world over!

Another option further north is the well-visited Lake District which offers exactly what it says on the tin: a vast array of gorgeous lakes and valleys. The area is home to more than just its national park and offers a number of attractions which celebrate the cultural heritage of Cumbria, from Rydal Mount – once the home of William Wordsworth – to The Armitt.

Helvellyn in the Lake District. Great British staycation.
Views from Helvellyn in the Lake District.

Whether you’re taking in the views of Britain’s largest lake, Windemere, or exploring the picturesque neighbouring towns of Ambleside and Bowness, there is plenty to do in the Cumbrian countryside. The Lake District’s natural beauty is truly something to behold and makes it a deservedly popular tourist destination.

Delving into the past: historical holidays

Though its hard to pinpoint a handful of historic cities from the list that the UK has to offer, the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, certainly tops the list for architectural splendour. The city, built in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat, boasts an awesome mix between the cobbled streets and Grassmarket of its Old Town, the Georgian architecture of New Town and a healthy spritz of modern industry. Also of note are the world-famous Edinburgh castle, which offers audio tours around its grounds and national war museum, and the National Galleries of Scotland.

Edinburgh castle - Great British Staycation.
The imposing majesty of Edinburgh castle.

The Scottish capital offers a fair few attractions for the thrill-seekers out there, ranging from the haunted Blair Street Vaults to the widely-popular Edinburgh Dungeons. For a slightly calmer – and more boozy-paced visit though, why not try the Scotch Whiskey Experience or one of the hundreds of distilleries, bars, and restaurants around the city?

To name just a few other historical heavyweights across the UK, Belfast’s Titanic attractions and SS Nomadic pay homage to the city’s maritime past, while York’s Viking heritage is brought to life with the Jorvik Viking Centre. On top of this, you’ll find plenty to do in both cities with Belfast’s Linen Quarter and Botanic Gardens, and York’s incredible gothic Cathedral making these prime locations for history and culture buffs alike.

Why choose a Great British staycation

Diverse landscapes: From rolling hills and lush countryside to rugged coastlines and vibrant cities, the UK offers a wealth of diverse landscapes to explore during a staycation.

Rich history and culture: Immerse yourself in centuries of history and cultural heritage by visiting castles, museums, galleries, and historic sites scattered across the country.

Quaint villages and charming towns: Experience the charm of picturesque villages and quaint towns, where you can wander through cobbled streets, sample local delicacies, and soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

Outdoor adventures: Whether it’s hiking in national parks, cycling along scenic trails, or enjoying water sports along the coastline, the UK provides ample opportunities for outdoor adventures and adrenaline-filled activities.

Cosy accommodation options: From cosy cottages and boutique hotels to luxury glamping sites and charming B&Bs, the UK offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget, ensuring a comfortable and memorable staycation experience.

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Images: Scotney Castle – Graham H on Pixabay; Helvellyn – Jonny Gios; Snowdonia – Kenny Orr; Edinburgh – Jörg Angeli on Unsplash.

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